Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Nominations for Parliamentary Elections

I am filing my nomination from Varanasi today and seeking your blessings.


rocky said...

best of luck& u will definitely.my prediction says.

Maald said...

Best Wishes, Sir! All patriotic Indians would like to see you back in Lok Sabha.

On a different note, I would like to see the BJP spending much less on ads in English dailies. The English educated Indians have already made up their mind, one way or the other and it is a waste of money. The party can get better bang for its buck by focusing on vernacular dailies.

Tanweer said...

god bless you Mr. Joshi, I am sure being a brilliant politician you are going to do a great job in developing the historic city of Varanasi.
Please keep us posted with further development.

Anonymous said...

we are with you to help make india a better place. I dont understand that you were more senior than Mr Advani in the party but why were you subsided. Is it that because he had an agressive face.

Anonymous said...

dr. jhoshi ji bhai sahab namaskar,
aap ne kashi ko chuna, kashi vi aap ko awasya chunegi, iske liye dhanyabad , kashi ka ashirvad aap ke sath hai kyon ki aap ki sabse badi merit hai ki aap swachha chhavi ke vyakti hai, janta ko aap me vishvas hai, aur aap chunav jitakar vastav me yah pradarshit karenge ki aap ne kewalcongres, bsp , sp par nahi apitu congres ke vanswad aur bsp aur sp ke jati vad aur gundaraj par vijay payi hai .

Anonymous said...

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सिद्धार्थ शंकर त्रिपाठी said...

Best wishes for great success.

shailendra said...

Bhagwan Chandra moleswar Or bhagwan badrinarayn apko saflta pradan kare or ek din ap Bharat kai pradhan mantri pad ko susobhit kare. aj bharat ko ap jaise vyakti kai natritva ki avsyakta hai

shailendra mishra

HinduYuva said...

As far I see, Bharat has only one hope and that is Dr.Joshi. Due regards to everyone but Prime Minister for India has to be Dr.Joshi for now. Atleast one term. He is the only hope. He will take this Country to higher levels at all levels. In all my meetings with him, all I have seen is love and affection for me. He will do good for the Country . All the good wishes and prayers of well meaning people will see him as PM soon. My Idol is Dr.Joshi and PV. My Desktop has Dr.Joshi. My words will always go true. 2009 is the year for Dr.Joshi and us all. Har Har Mahadev!! Gurunath, Hyderabad.