Saturday, January 31, 2009

Why I have chosen blog?

In Marshal Mc Luhan's parlance, "Time has ceased, space has vanished, and we all live in a time of all-at-once-ness". Luhan, through this adage, emitted the effect of media technologies, over three decades ago. And the profundity of this prophecy is now felt more intensely than ever before.

Though I have been a technology freak myself, I have begun to dwell on these lines, which look more like a benediction. Those of you who know me would recall the many technology-driven initiatives triggered during my stint as Union HRD Minister, the remarkable among them included setting up of IITs and launching of Simputers. I was also involved in two IT Task Forces. I can say my date with IT is old and deep.

Having found myself as a man of the masses for over four decades now, I have often wondered what could be the best way to be in sync with people. As I like traveling and meeting people, it has given me immense opportunities to fill my heart with rare and authentic experiences. But, still I think a major chunk of population has remained far away from me.

However, I don't repent, thanks to technology, today I am handed down with the alternative and the ceaseless power to stay tied with all of you seamlessly. And yes for this there is no mediator. Blog is the only tool that I have been keenly following for some time now and after having assessed the challenges associated with it – the toughest being regular here – I am finally committing myself to it.

Why do I do this contrary to the fact that coming weeks and months are going to be extremely hectic? Well, as I said it's challenging, but worthy of acceptance for a variety of reasons. And, finally it’s blog, which is interesting. It is timeless, seamless, limitless, space less.

Let me quickly delineate what I mean.

I can sit on my computer or Blackberry and jot down my thought as and when I want. The trigger is my thought and unlike other mediums of articulation, I do not have to depend on anyone except technology and my own spirit. Time does not hinder my ability to air my thoughts any time of the day or night.

It's constant. If you know my blog site, you do not need the assistance of any tool to read my thoughts. You can connect with me as and when you like it.

A blog site gives me the power to explore as much as I can. It enables me archive my thoughts and I or you can revisit them as and when I want, as many times as we want.

Blog knows no space. It also cuts across cultures and nationalities and provides me a medium to relate with a vast mass of people.

I have always kept technology in very high esteem. It really transforms us and our ways of thinking and provides us amazing power to connect and communicate.

I am so glad, it's all happening in my lifetime. As I sit back and muse on the transitions in the mass communication domain I feel lucky to have seen so many facets of it. From black & white television to colour, big newspapers to slim-sized and Berliners, All India Radio to a plethora of FM radio stations across the country, Postcards to Internet, Land phone to mobile telephony – the metamorphosis has been humongous and revolutionary.
I am also glad I have kept my spirits alive and have moved with technology as much as I could.

My blog is yet another tribute to this mega-transformation we have all witnessed.

Trust you will tune in and continue to provide your invaluable feedback. I also pin up hope that you will be able to pluck something from my mental horizon. And to top it all I hope an effective criss-crossing of thoughts, through this blog, will help synthesize a larger objective.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Posts soon

I shall begin posting from January 31, 2009, the day of Vasantpanchami. Will appreciate your feedback.