Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Posts soon

I shall begin posting from January 31, 2009, the day of Vasantpanchami. Will appreciate your feedback.


Azad said...

Dr. Joshi ji,

I am delighted to note your website and blog. I heard your speech while in audience at the International Immunology Congress in New Delhi in 1998. You spoke about vaccination being practiced by Brahmans in India (recorded by a British). As an Immunologist, I would like to get a copy of your speech that I wish to record in a book that I am writing. Please have it e-mailed at: kaushika@sympatico.ca.

I must applaud your contributions as an Academic and an eminent Politician for the cause of India, a great nation.

Best regards,
Azad Kumar Kaushik, DSc (Paris)

Utkarsh said...

Dear Sir,
I have never been interested in reading celebrity blogs or for that matter any of them but this time I feel its an opportunity to get in touch with someone who could be framing our nation's policies in near future.
Some of your initiatives were seen as an effort to saffronise the education but I felt otherwise. Hope this will give me a chance to understand the motivation behind them.

A heartily welcome to you. I will look forward to your blogs.

Best Regards,

Utkarsh Tewari
Brighton, UK

Bhoopendra said...
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Bhoopendra said...

Dear Sir,

I am a big fan of your ideology and thoughts. It will be great to hear that you are interacting thru blogs. From last few years we have missed your public engagement.

We believe that you are the right person to address the terrorism issue and lead India in this critical junction. At this moment India really need an intellectual people to stay in race of becoming developed country in near future.

Our best wishes to you.

Best Regards.
Bhoopendra Bisht

lotus said...

I am always interested in issues relted to our country and as such under your patronage it should be a great place to enlighten ourself.
To start with I have an issue which i witnessed recently during the strike of Oil PSUs. MoPNG, the parent ministry, published a totaly wrong figure of salary in news paper through advertisement and most of the Media( Zee News, Star news, Indian Express ..just to name a few) behaved in a very strange fashion reenforcing the government's view creating a very biased public opinion. They also did not give prominence to alternative views or emerging facts in their reporting except emailing people about their position that there data was given by MoPNG! They at times used derogatory words for oil men like " son in law of mother India, terrorist, Kasab etc" Onslaught was massive and expectedly traumatised 50,000 odd people. It is obvious that these voices were from the " son-in -law " of vested interest " industialist-politician and babu nexus".The abberation is quite evident as a few reports (for example Times of Indias reporting on 17.1.2008 exposing government's lie and present issue of Frontline has brought out certain very good piece of journalism on this issue but there are very few such articles.It has given rise to many questions on the working of our government androle of media in democracy. As the public was facing incinvenience, media led itself to be used for the manupulation of the system to undermine the governance and nurturing which is the prime responsibility of MoPNG. Role of each of these agency in spreading the canard to be made transparent. They were serving whom...the nation,public or the people who will oil their next election and keep their pocket warm and full!
Sir you can take this debate in many important forum including Parliament to enlighten the role of vested interest in thotling the voice and nexus of "babu-political master and industrialist sponsorer" for creating a situation for their benefit

Proud said...


I have always admired you for long, for scientific temper. Your detractors do not know that you have been a Professor of Physics yet you are also a practitioner of the best traditions of our culture. I have read what Francois Gautier wrote about you & largely agree with that.

But I have a complaint. Why are you so inaccessible ? I have, myself, tried many times to get an appintment with you but to no avail ! And that too when I gave reference of my uncle Late Shri Ram Prakash Tripathi - who was always very fond of you & also was quite close to you !!!!

Wonder if I can put in a request again through this blow ?!