Thursday, December 4, 2008


Welcome to my blog space.


apoorva said...

Respected Dr Joshi,

its great to see you in the blog world, atleast we can now communicate with you. Rememberance is a form of meeting and I hope you remember me . I have seen you from close quaters and based on that I can say v proudly that you are among the v few honest politicians left in this country. I wont say that I am a admirer of your policies as HRD Min but I admire you for your honesty and your no nonsense approach .
I beg to differ with you when you say that you are a mass leader, rather you would have been a mass leader like Atal Ji had you been litter practicle and easily assesible . I remember once a BJP MP closely associated with Ram Mandir movement complaining and cursing you for the security apparatus around you. He was not only frisked but rudly dealt when he went to meet you at your Resi. What I mean to say is when you remain so much aloof from your own party MP's , how a common man can reach you, and thus how can you clain to be a leader of masses.

any ways I congratulate you and am happy that now atleast I can share my views and concerns with you on issues related with our society/ our country.

warm regards/ apoorva joshi

Basant said...

Dear Dr. Joshi,
Really this is the best way one could reach the common people in today's world.
You have given the right kind of opportunity to some staunch critique like me to communicate with you directly. Of course, I have very deep regard and respect for you the way you carry yourself in the group of politicians.
Although you have a good support at intellectual level, still you keep yourself at a distance from public. No more you are as vocal as you used to be earlier.
Well, its a good begin. Hope and I am sure this will continue and people will come more closer to you.

Durgesh said...

Dear Sir, i was privileged enough to attend your program at malviya bhavan ,BHU on Indian cultural History.First i congratulate u for the decision to fight from Varanasi.I was involved in lot of social activities durnng my Bhu days.Sir,I want to be part of your Electoral victory from varanasi, my assistane may be vary miniscule like devoted squarrel(of Lord Rama).I wish u grand success in coming election because Indioan education system is waiting u.