Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Cosmic Unity and Connectivity

I would like to pay humble tribute to the great Saints and Seers by illustrating briefly as to how modern scientific findings are now looking in the direction of the Truth or Reality as propounded by our ancient Seers.
In our traditions, there was no anthropocentric or earth- centric view of life. Everything is connected to everything else. There is a universal cosmic connectivity and through that connectivity, the mind boggling diversity becomes a unity. Therefore the approach to life, non-life, the void or anything else we come across was holistic one. The void is not ignored as an empty space or a lumpen matter as something lowly. The entire universe is considered as a conscious universe. Before I go into a few scientific details of modern research findings, let us look at some simple knowledge base we have from modern findings of Cosmology, Astronomy and Astrophysics. Look at the birth of stars. It starts off its early years in a nebulous state. It grows, pulsates, shines, leaves out of it many material bodies and particles, forms new bodies out of it, decays, “dies”, and goes into different stage. Look at a living being. It starts as an assembly of few cells, grows, ages and dies and goes to a different state. It will be difficult to ignore many of these similarities and the possibility of a common connecting consciousness.

Our ancient Seers could look through these realities through different methods of insight. Modern science starting from its empirical base is moving towards these positions. Many of the ancient methods of yoga or reiki are also being used by serious modern physicians for healing human beings not depending only on the “material” medicines. I am sure the progress of modern science with its own special methods will unravel more scientifically many of these findings from the ancient wisdom and systematise them for use of whole of the mankind.


Prashant said...

Sir, undoubtedly your observations regarding the greatness of our seers and their scientific approach is right. But one question which arises in my mind when you talk of the reaching of unity through diversity is that if it is so then why do we have a malice in the name of terrorism always hitting our society. The perpetrators of terror always take the defence of the difference of ideologies and their undue demands. What is your say about it??

Santhosh K Ramachandran said...


The entire material information is there in the vedas, thats an accepted truth. But what are its emphasis on the current day educational system in India. Will the BJP bring such a mandatory change to the educational system, teaching the rich heritage of India, including the importance of sanskrit, even after it occupying a special status in the constitution of India, it is being neglected.

Maald said...


I just read about BJP's promise of open-source. Commendable as it is, there are other areas where we can slash IT budgets.

One of these is thin clients. This is especially useful in educational institutions. It has already gained a foothold in India

Massive Andhra Pradesh Educational Computing Rollout to 5,000 Schools Completed in Just 4 Months with NComputing


Just wanted to bring this to your notice. I have no commercial interest in this technology.

TC said...


Kotishah Pranam. I belong to Allahabad and have grudges against my own people. You are the only one after Hemwati Nandan Bahguna who gave something to Allahabad. The citizens of Allahabad might have forgotten your contribution, but not me. I always say to my kiths and kins, friends and relatives that it is you who brought Allahabd back on its own feet. City was once known as educational hub but during 80s and 90s it was worst place for education. In your able leadershipit gained it's glory. I, a citizen of Allahabd beg to say that please come back home.

Tanweer said...

Mr. Joshi
I read your controversy in Babri Mosque demolition. I am more interested in knowing your views about ISLAM and Local muslims of Varanasi.. This article is regarding Unity and connectivity. Please comment on your plans to connect to local muslim population of Varanasi.