Saturday, May 16, 2009

Thank you

I thank the people of Varanasi from the core of my heart for posing their faith in me. I feel extremely humbled and honoured at the verdict. As your humble representative in the Indian Parliament, I shall strive to work honestly for you.

I also thank my friends, well wishers, opponents and family members for their affection.

I have a special word of appreciation for the members of the media who did their best to make right projections.


Maald said...

Hearty Congratulations, Sir. Hope to see Indian languages prosper during this term.

Anonymous said...

sri madhvaye namah

joshi ji namaskar aap ko koti koti dhanyabad
baba vishvanath ki kripa se ham fir jeete , kashi ki janta ne vahi choona jise chunna tha , yah to sunischit hi tha , jaisa ki maine kaha tha ki AAP NE KASHI KO CHUNA HAI TO KASHI BHI AAP KO CHUNEGI aur kashi ne yahi kiya aur iske liye kashi ki poori janta dhanyabad ki patra hai .aap par yah vishvas karti hai ki aap kashi ka samuchit , damdar pratinidhitva karenge aur kashi ke naye MAHAMANA ki upadhi prapt karenge.
saprem namaskar

Rohan said...

Congratulations on your win, Dr. Joshi!

Sorry about your party's loss. Hope you will take this opportunity to seriously introspect and start working at the ground level in states where you are non-existent.

Anonymous said...

Hello Sir,

I have met you in one of the seating of Retail sector committee
in Parliament and hence congratulate you on winning the prestigious
seat of Varanasi but sir the loss suffered by NDA all over country
somewhat lowers enthusiasm within me.

I being a BJP's soldier try to do my little bit by forwarding few
points for your consideration for BJP's revival

1. The states like Tamil Nadu,Andhra Pradesh,Kerela and WestBengal
comprise 143 seats of which we cud manage just 3 so our battle was
lost then and there.We need to rejuvenate party in these states by
bringing in more influential leaders who have a readymade support base
behind them like famour kollywood,tollywood film actors who have
special place in people's heart.This is further substantiated by
Chiranjeevi 's Praja Rajyam which has been able to snatch 14% of vote
share in Andhra within 4 months of its formation so BJP too should
look at film fraternity people to head the party in early days of it
base forming in these states.

2.The impact of Varun's hate speeches too has been on pan India level
and the support provided by you and Advaniji pushed away huge chunks
of youth and educated Hindu votes because in current recessionary
environment people were focussed to vote against communal hatred and
communal divide caused by these speeches.Congress's harsh treatment of
Jagdish Tytler and Sajjan Kumar provided direct camparison between two
parties on issues of secularism and communal divide.BJP has to learn
to take stern actions against any person breaching communal lines.

3.The clean sweep of BJP in my home state of Uttarakhand which has Mr
B.C.Khanduri,one of the most creditable ministers of Atalji's cabinet
as chief minister raises a need to introspect the performance of state
governments on issues of social inclusive growth and public
interfacing of government policies.Sir,BJP has somewhat lost ground in
Madhya Pradesh and soon it can follow Uttarakhand if not introspected
closely.BJP needs to hold its strong bastions with full strength as
they will form the base for revival.

4.Sir, today media is a national perception builder and it can be a
tool for image building or image spoiling as in case of BJP.The pan
India present of media needs to be used very astutely in image
rebuilding.The incidents of Mangalore and Bangalore were highlighted
everywhere by media as Yeddurappaji's unwillingness to control them
hence it repulsed the youth who are more individualistic than ever
before. The youth had a pre conceived notion that their freedom to
party,enjoy and live will be threatened in BJP rule.

5.The attacks on women in Bangalore was portrayed by nation wide media
as if BJP is gender biased when state government didn't do much to
with hold the scoundrels involved in the attacks.This lead to walking
away of urban educated women voters towards other parties.

Sir I totally agree the states like Gujarat,Madhya Pradesh,Chattisgarh
and Bihar are taking a complete transition in BJP's rule but we need
to take this message of development,social growth and inclusive growth
to every person in the country..

Hope you will address above points.

Your sincerely,
Himanshu Goel

Prakash said...

Many congratulations Dr Joshi on your victory in Varanasi, the holy and the most sacred seat of hindus. My name is gopalakrishnan and am writing this to you from chennai.

As a sympathizer of the BJP, am extremely disappointed like many others on seeing the results for BJP in 2009 elections. It is my wish to see BJP come back very strongly and provide this punya bhoomi, a very strong leadership in order to restore the old glory of this wonderful nation.

My humble pranams to you and to your service to the nation.

warm regards

devendra said...

i m verri happy that u won the varanasi seat form a khukar aatankwadi mukhtar ansaari..........


गिरिजेश राव said...

कुछ दिनों पहले मैं दशाश्वमेध घाट से ले कर अस्सी तक पैदल गया था. एक रिपोर्ट मेरे व्लॊग पर उपलब्ध है:

जिसमें मैने वहां की गन्दगी के बारे मे भी लिखा है. थोडे प्रयास से ही कुछ टॊयलेट अगर बना दिए जांय और जनता को डर और् शिक्षा के माध्यम से सम्वेदनशील कर् दिया जाय तो बहुत सुधार हो जाय. मेरा आप से यही अनुरोध है.


n0name said...

Dear Sir,
We are extremely pleased at your victory from Varanasi.
We hope to see some good development work in Varanasi.

Thank you for contesting from here.

neeraj said...

Joshi Ji

Jai Hind ..

Welcome back to parliament but unfortunately we will not be able to see you fully functioning because of being in opposition.

I am fan of your political approach. I was very sad for you, for country when you lost election in 2004. I am sure, If you would have been in parliament in 2004, this time you would have replaced Modi and this would have been a positive message to Indian public because of your neat and clean political life, strategic and positive approach.

In war between Strategy and strength, history is witness of Strategy's Win. That what happened in 2004 and that's what happen in 2009. In 2004, Congress was having a strategy to approach to the mass public of India, which is the real superpower of election while BJP was busy with India's shining, another factor was congress policy while nominating the candidates like Govinda, who were having strong base in local public.In 2009, BJP was lacking of strategy on issues, Internal politics, as well as about strategy for future of party itself. If party don't have strong and straight hands to handle the future, does not matter how strong the portfolio of parties objective is.
From my point of view, BJP lost election long before May-09, when Advani-ji said Jinna was secular.

There is many things to discuss about party organization structure, it's vision, and path to achieve that. But one things is true BJP need to restructure and re-engineer to re-energies. Party is lacking on thought process.

I wish you all the best.. My well wishes are with you and need your bless to work for party.

Jai Hind

Vijay said...

Hello Sir

First Congratulations on wining. Actually I am "Hindutvavadi" but I can not understand how to express on this results of election.

chamia said...

Joshi Ji,

Congratulations on winning.
But I'll have few suggestion for BJP.
-Stop doing politics on the name of Ram and Hinduizm. Hindu is nothing else than a way of living.Its you BJP people make it a weapon in politics.
-Make a organisation of Young people with Direction of Elderly people.
-Give lessons of Honesty Integreity and simplicity to your High post leaders

prateek said...

Congratulations to you, Dr. Joshi for your well deserved win from Varanasi. Your win is a good sign for the city of Varanasi and its people who have rightly voted in favour of a positive change through you. We all know that you are a highly educated individual having recieved your PhD from Allahabad university and your dignified role in politics so far gives us a lot of hope.I personally eagerly look forward to a new beginning in the allround development of my dear Varanasi city under your able leadership.

Good luck to you sir!

prateek said...

Dear Sir,

As en elected representative of Varanasi, what's your take on the clean Ganga issue. Recently, there has been launched a mission by Jagadguru Swami Swaroopanand towards a clean Ganga initiative. What will be your agenda on this very critical issue which holds considerable emotional significance too for the people of Varanasi?

Santosh said...

Dear Sir,

I am very happy that our city Varanasi has got such a nationalistic and
visionary leader as a representative. I do hope and wish from my deep heart
that the next Prime Minister of India would be from Varanasi. I strongly feel
that you are the man who understands the importance of the problems such as
corruption and many others that country is
facing today. You are equipped with the ideas to tackle them and only one
among the top leaders determined to solve them. In history, only those
nations could get the status of developed nations who understood and realized
the power of science and technology much earlier. I feel that you are the only
ideal choice in the current scenario for pushing and guiding the country in this
direction although vary late compared to other developed nations. I hope
your party will realize the great potential of yours and will understand that
you are the only ideal substitute of Mr. L K Advani, an another strong
and respected leader of your party, as he is willing to quit the
active politics sooner or later

Anonymous said...

joshi ji namaskar aap ko bhi dhanyabab kashi ki janta ne sahi byakti ka chunav sahi vakt kiya iske liye kashi vashiyon ka bhi dhanyabad.maine pahale bhi kaha tha ki aap ne kashi ko chuna hai , kashi awasya aap ko chunegi .

utkarsh said...


Its time work hard ....

So the expirence and expertisum ....


gaurav said...

Pranam Dr. Joshi,

Congratulations on your win from Varanasi.

I hail from Varanasi & work as Software Engineer in HCL Technologies, Noida. I feel that Varanasi needed an intellectual as an MP and your win will definitely benefit people of Varanasi.

I was going through the HRD Ministry, Govt. of India programs and found that central government is focusing on Madarsaas and Deobandi institutes to bring them to main stream education by giving huge grants, but I was deeply saddened that no such scheme or grants are in place for Sanskrit institutions.

There are many small, medium sanskrit institutions in Varanasi primarily run by businessman/Sants, giving almost free educations to youngsters in Sanskrit but they desperately needs modernization, better facilities. Considering the large number of students who pursue such education, it's government responsibility to help them and aid them in joining mainstream education which can open door to wider opportunities to them in their future course.

I am writing this letter with great hope to you Sir as this has been an area of grave neglect under your predecessors. Please give your due consideration for betterment of this cause.

Gaurav Tiwari

Inferno said...

Quoting TVR Shenoy:
There is a line in the Rig Veda that is translated as 'You delight yourselves, you Gods, in plants and waters.' One could easily build a development policy that is also environmentally sound around that verse and others like it. But the BJP is just as much for big ticket items -- large dams and so forth -- as ever the Congress was.

Did anyone in the BJP even try to put together an environmental case against the Rama Sethu Project alongside one based purely on religious sentiment?

A said...

Respected SIr,

First I would congratulate you for your spectacular win from our city Varanasi in Lok Sabha polls. The denizens of Varanasi have great hopes from you. It is after a long time the city is being represented in parliament by a leader of national standing. The basic agenda which I feel the people would like you to take up is the development of the city and preservation of its age old culture and civilization. Eurdite yourselves would be aware of these desires of the populace of Varanasi. Basically to talk point by point, following are the areas of concern for the inhabitants of this city which has been pending for long and which people feel should be addressed by you on priority:

1. Construction of a ring road acorss Varanasi and Mugalsarai with a new bridge acorss Ganges river near Rajghat.
2. Efforts for declaration of Varanasi as a Heritage city by Government of India and UNESCO (UNO) and resultant development there of.
3. Conversion of IT BHU and IMS BHU into IIT BHU and AIIMS BHU respectively on priority basis.
4. Construction of an Engineering college and Medical College by UP Government affiliated to Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth University.
5. Railway Station upgradation and direct rail connectivity from Varanasi to Bangalore, Goa, Trivandrum, Madurai and other southern destination. A new daily superfast train to Chennai. A new train to Guwahati. Intercity trains between Varanasi Renukoot, Varanasi Gaya and Varanasi Patna. Doubling and electrification of Varanasi Lucknow (via Sultanpur) and Varanasi Allahabad (via Gyanpur road) lines.
6. Better electricity supply to city on the lines of Taj Heritage zone Agra.
7. Four laning of Varanasi Lucknow and Varanasi Gorakhpur National Highways.
8. Better Sanitation, water supply, cleaniness and hospital services in Varanasi.
9. Direct road connection from DLW to Kacheri via Lahartara and Cantt area (through construction of a series of flyovers) to ease traffic congestion in city.

We hope these issues will be taken into consideration by your honour.

With Regards


Ramesh Mishra said...

Joshi sir,
we as a nation wish you all the best.We want to see you as Prime Minister of India.Please give a thought.1 more request,please be post your thoughts regularly on the blog.I am your diehard fan & want to join BJP actively.