Thursday, February 12, 2009

Concrete action against Terrorism

These are my views on some pressing issues confronting us. I am reproducing a news item published by The Times Of India today, for the benefit of my readers.
VARANASI: Senior Bharatiya Janata Party leader Murli Manohar Joshi demanded a specific time frame for concrete action against the terrorist attack on Mumbai in November. "It is unfortunate that the central government lost the opportunity to capitalise the national unity following the Mumbai attack due to its weak policies," said Joshi, who is contesting the forthcoming Lok Sabha election from Varanasi seat. Talking to reporters on Wednesday, he accused the government of failing to pressurise Pakistan to own the responsibility of Mumbai terror attack. "In such a slow pace it seems that the matter will be delayed for an infinite time like the execution of capital punishment of Afzal Guru," he said adding that the government should clear its stand. He said that the remarks of Supreme Court on the functioning of CBI exposed that this investigating agency was working on the whim of the government. The laws should be amended to ensure the impartial functioning of the agency, he said and added that people's confidence in constitutional institutions like election commission, parliament and state assemblies should also be maintained. Replying to a query regarding the reservation in higher education, he said that there was a need to expand the reach of higher education with accessibility, affordability and quality so that everyone could get higher education. "The reservation will be meaningless if there are enough seats," he said.


Anuj Dhar said...

Sir, thank you for reproducing this story. I at least did not see it in Delhi TOI. May I suggest that there should be a section/listing of latest newstories about you either on the site or blog so that one can keep a tab on what is being reported about you. May be you could comment as and when you think there is a need. Regards

अनुनाद सिंह said...

आजकल अन्तरजाल पर हिन्दी फल-फूल रही है। ऐसे में आपका जालपृष्ट हिन्दी में भी होना चाहिये।
इसी के साथ निवेदन है कि अपना ब्लाग भी हिन्दी में लिखें।